My name is Adrian and I am a fully qualified and registered Driving Instructor. I have been a Driving Instructor since 2011 with Affordable Driving School. I have a love of cars and have been driving them for as long as I can remember, and now this passion has turned into an educational role that sees me teach others the skills about everyday driving, being safe and not just how to pass the driving test.

Many students tell me about their anxiety or fears of being around cars or trucks on the road, however over my 12 years working as a driving instructor I have learnt to assist students to overcome these fears and anxieties.

Everyone has different concerns, and I will work with you to help understand them, and do my best to get you calm and give you confidence on the road. Sometimes this can be a slow process, and other times we forget about all those worries and just get on with it. I teach a style that suits you. I look forward to meeting you.

Car details: 
Make: Suzuki
Model: Swift
Colour: Maroon

Reviews 5 Star Rating


Such a great teacher.


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