Book Driving Test

If you’re looking to book a driving test, our friendly staff at Affordable Driving School can help with the entire process of planning and booking your test.

At Affordable Driving School, we understand how stressful the testing process can be, and that it’s also stressful to book driving test. To help with your peace of mind.

Our lovely office staff will take care of all your test booking needs with the Department of Transport, saving you time and stress. Now that you don’t have to book driving test, you can focus solely on your driving to ensure you are as confident as possible for the test.

One of the biggest milestones when it comes to driving is passing your learners test, which provides you with the opportunity to begin driving for real. With the right training, there’s no need to fear your learners test QLD. Our instructors understand exactly what the test looks for, including your driving ability, skill, awareness of other drivers, and awareness of traffic rules.

On the day of your test, we’ll pick you up from your address, and commence an hour long practice session close to the location of your booked testing centre. Once your practice session is complete, your instructor will guide you through all the necessary testing paperwork, and then send you off with some words of encouragement when it’s time for you to shine in your test! Your instructor’s car is available for use during the test, and afterwards you will be dropped off at your chosen location. 

Before the test, we’ll also help to ensure your logbook is in order, and help you with any questions or concerns you may have. Our helpful staff will also assist with booking your test and completing any necessary paperwork, to take some of the stress of your shoulders. Our instructors’ cars are also available for use during the test, which provides you with several benefits, including:

90 Minute Mock Tests

Our instructors have years of experience with preparing drivers for tests, and know exactly what real tests require. Our instructors will put everything you’ve learnt to the test to ensure you’re ready for the real thing, and correct any errors which may show up during this 90 minute session. The session is divided into 3 x 30 minute blocks:

We are giving you the finest possible assistance to pass the real exam by simulating the conditions of the actual test.

You'll not only be assessed and improved on your weak points, but you'll also get real-world experience at your testing center, which can boost your confidence on exam day considerably.