Affordable Driving School Brisbane


Amongst the Premier Truck Driving Schools in Brisbane Southside

Would you like to open up career opportunities by going for a heavy vehicle licence? Then you’ve come to the right page! Affordable Driving School is a leader amongst truck driving schools in Brisbane’s Southside. We have several highly qualified and experienced instructors who will help you feel confident, safe and empowered as you learn on the local roads.

We have designated meeting spots on the Southside of Brisbane, as well as in the northern suburbs, for a range of driving lessons. We offer MR/HR/HC/MC- B Double. We also have dedicated plant machinery training facilities close by to your suburb!

Why do we have these schools?

Trucks are obviously very big, and they require a lot of skill to operate. Our professional instructors will teach you everything you need to know about handling a truck. Besides showing you what all the practical functions of the vehicle itself, you will be taught property safety methods to consider when operating your rig. If you learn all of this, the likelihood of you finding work in this field will increase significantly.

Learn to drive a car with the best in the business

We do not just teach people how to operate trucks. Have you just gained your learners’ permit, and are looking for a great instructor? If you’re learning to drive a car for the first time, you’ll love the learning experience you get with us. We will help you not just become a safe and skilled driver, but get to know the roads you’ll be driving on around the Southside once you’ve got your licence.

We have instructors right across the southern suburbs of Brisbane, ready to help you get you drivers’ licence. To book a lesson starting in one of these suburbs, use our online form or call us on 07 3863 1399.