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Confined Space Training

Complete Confined Space Training in Brisbane

This nationally recognised program is designed for anyone who either plans to or currently works within an enclosed or partially enclosed area. Working within an enclosed area poses a variety of dangers and health risks to untrained individuals. This course aims to provide the individual with the skills to appropriately assess the risks that may be encountered in an enclosed space. A confined space ticket is recommended for individuals who plan to work in the following enclosed areas:

– Boilers
– Storage tanks
– Pressure vessels
– Sewers
– Pipes
– Pump stations and many more.

RIIWHS202D Enter and Work in Confined Space Course

Successful completion of this training will enable an individual to:
– Identify an enclosed space, hazards and control measures
– Work safely within an enclosed area

There are many industries and professions in Brisbane that require an individual to have received the right training and hold a confined space ticket. You may be required to complete this training course if you are a safety inspector, risk manager, electrical engineer, lift operator or installer, transport industry worker, emergency services worker (police, ambulance, fire) or any other individual that will be exposed to enclosed spaces.

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confined space training brisbane

We hold this training throughout the year and deliver a student paced form of learning. If at any stage you feel you need further assistance during the course, please speak to your trainer. The team at Affordable Driving School Brisbane are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about this training course or any others we offer. Contact us with all your course enquiries for Brisbane by calling (07) 3863 1399, all Gold Coast enquirers should call (07) 5554 5550. Find out all you need to know about the requirements as well as enrolment process by contacting us today.