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MC Multi Combination B-Double Truck Licence- TLILIC2001

Get Your Multi Combination B-Double Truck Licence in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast: TLILIC2001

With more than two decades in the heavy vehicle industry, Affordable Driving School has an excellent first time MC (multi combination) licence pass rate. Getting your MC licence in Brisbane, QLD opens up a whole world of employment opportunities.

The truck used is a MACK prime mover, with an 18 speed Road Ranger gear box (crash box). We also have the Auto truck option.

If you’re a HR licence holder you would be required to undertake up to a 2 day training course. (up to 20 hours)

If you’re a HC licence holder you would be required to undertake up to a 1 day training course. (up to 10 hours)

However, the courses are competency based training so you may complete this course and be deemed competent in a shorter time frame.

All assessments (testing) is done with our instructor, not through Qld Transport as we are a RTO (Registered Training Organisation), which allows us to train and assess. Therefore no test is required to be taken with QLD Transport. If you are not compentent after your package, $150 per hour after that.

How to Enrol for B Double Training

Contact Affordable Driving School on 07 3863 1399/5554 5550  to enquire as to the next available date for b-double training in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast.

Formal / Informal Training and Assessment Multi Combination B-Double

Formal/Informal Training and Assessment is done with one of our fully qualified training instructors.

Unlike some other multi combination / B double truck driving schools in Brisbane and in the Gold Coast area, we provide comprehensive training that takes you from vehicle orientation right through to the assessment and statement of attainment you need to upgrade your license. This course in competency based training and takes you right through from theory, practical and to your assessment.

Once your trainer officer has deemed you fully competent we will then provide you with a statement of attainment for you to take to Queensland Transport and they will then upgrade your licence.

What your B-double licence allows you to drive

The Queensland Department of Main Roads and Transport laws allow you to drive

  • A class HC vehicle
  • A B-double (prime mover towing 2 semitrailers, with 1 semitrailer supported at the front, and connected to, the other semitrailer)
  • A road train (motor vehicle, other than a B-double, towing 2 or more trailers)

MC Truck Lessons – Pricing

  • For HC licence holders – 1 Day course: $1500 (Vehicle Class (MC) (up to 10 hours)
  • For HR licence holders – 2 Day course: $2200 Vehicle Class (MC) (up to 20 hours)

Both include one-on-one training and assessment.

Book a lesson online here or talk to the Affordable team here.