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If you’re looking for a driving school near me, get in touch with Affordable Driving School to receive professional driving instruction from qualified instructors

Manual Driving Lessons

Automatic Driving Lessons

Our highly trained, professional instructors at Affordable Driving School have years of expertise in delivering first-rate, comprehensive, and cost-effective driving lessons throughout Brisbane or the Gold Coast.

If you’re searching for a ‘driving school near me,’ our instructors will work with people from all walks of life, from teenagers learning to drive for the first time to individuals who have just moved to Australia and require appropriate qualifications. Our instructors are kind, patient, and assist you in learning at your own pace so that you feel comfortable behind the wheel. We offer both male and female instructors to meet your needs as well as be convenient for you.

At Affordable Driving School, we teach you to become a defensive driver with automatic or manual driving lessons, and instill in you the values of safe driving. We understand the importance of teaching according to an individual’s needs, and tailor our lessons towards your personality and temperament. So if you’re searching for a ‘driving school near me’, search no more, and sign-up with the Affordable Driving School!

Manual Driving School
Near Me

At Affordable Driving School, our approach is to teach you the fundamentals from the ground up, to ensure you know how a manual car works and how to drive one. If you’re looking for a ‘driving school near me’ which can offer you local training for driving a manual car, our instructors will teach you control over the clutch, brake, accelerator, instilling fundamental skills into your driving. We’ll also show you how to hill start, and how to effectively change gears as you’re driving. Our lessons are comprehensive to ensure you know everything you need to know, and our instructors provide friendly and patient training to foster the best learning environment. 

Automatic Driving School
Near Me

With the increased popularity of automatic cars, it’s common for people to only focus on getting an automatic license, which is easier to obtain than a manual license. Because automatic cars aren’t as complicated to learn how to drive, our lessons also focus on navigating through traffic lights, signs, roundabouts, highways, and everything else that is important while on the road. If you’re looking for a ‘driving school near me’ which offers comprehensive training, our instructors will instill defensive driving habits that will serve you for a lifetime of driving.

We’re an RTO, and we provide all the training and assessment for the MC/B double courses.

Our lessons are professional and informative, but we also like to have fun and foster a friendly environment. So if you’re at all worried about driving or passing your test, come on down to Affordable Driving School, and boost your confidence behind the wheel!